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About Ubaldo Grazia

Official records show majolica (hand-formed and fired clay which is immersed in a bath of glaze then painted with metal oxide colors, sprayed with a glass varnish and fired a second time) being manufactured in Deruta, Italy during the second half of the 13th century but evidence suggests that it actually began as much as a century earlier.

Deruta’s craft has been handed down from father to son uninterruptedly since the 12th century and Ubaldo Grazia represents the 25th generation to carry on his family’s and Umbria’s longstanding tradition of this fine art. The Grazia firm is currently ranked the 12th oldest family business on earth by Family Business Magazine. See for details.

The work of the Grazia family dates from 1500, and is undoubtedly the best remaining example of the majolica tradition. The kilns that the Grazia family used from the company’s founding in 1500 until the end of the 1800’s can still be seen and are now a museum in Deruta. At the Grazia factory, there is also a private collection of original Deruta majolica pieces dating back to the 13th century.

Traditional majolica forms, with their ageless character, account for an important part of the production of the authentically-restored Grazia factory. But Ubaldo also pursues a vigorous policy of innovation. Drawing on its’ traditional artistic talents, Grazia also creates modern expressions of the art of majolica in concert with many artists of international fame. He has transformed the business into a laboratory of creative research and study.

In the past, their most important clients were noble families, convents and the Church who began to use and sell their products to pilgrims visiting St. Francis’ tomb in Assisi. Currently very popular in the U.S., Grazia has been a successful exporter of majolica since the early 1900’s. Grazia has attracted celebrity clientele for many years ranging from The Beatles, who came right to the factory in Deruta, to current customers like George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Kim Basinger, Andy Garcia, Paul Simon and Tom Selleck, to name just a few.

Ubaldo Grazia and U. Grazia Maioliche have been featured on PBS and in Gourmet, Bon Appetit and American Way magazines among others. The book, Deruta – A Tradition of Italian Ceramics, has an entire chapter on U. Grazia and Ubaldo and 20+ pages featuring his grandfather and the company’s history along with many photographs including the endsheets.

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