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About Tessitura Pardi

Montefalco has been a center for linen production since the middle ages and today the only weaving mill in Umbria is owned by the Pardi family. Tessitura Pardi has been producing fine Italian linens since 1949 in a mill situated among the family’s vineyards. The Pardi mill features 42 shuttle power looms which weave fabric in the “jacquard” style.

The fabrics are made by using the natural fibers of linen and cotton both in the warp and weft. These fabrics are the results of the skillful activity of competent craftsmen, absorbed in the typical "jacquard" processing, by shuttle power looms. The accuracy of workmanship and the quality of materials join the refined selection of designs infused with cultural and artistic movements: from the geometrical patterns of Umbrian folk tradition to the ornaments of the figurative arts of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, from the sober forms of Giotto's school to the harmonious and serene stylistic features of the Renaissance, from the graceful themes of the Romantic art to the sinuous lines and the floral patterns of Liberty. Innovation always matches tradition and aims at combining culture with the tastes and the trends of the third millennium.

The fabrics wash easily, the colors are fast, and their width ranges from cm 180 up to cm 330.

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